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Guiding Case No. 185: Yan Jialin v. Zhejiang Sheraton Resorts Co., Ltd. (dispute over right to equality in employment)


  • Guiding Case No. 185: Yan Jialin v. Zhejiang Sheraton Resorts Co., Ltd. (dispute over right to equality in employment)(Deliberated and adopted by the Judicial Committee of the Supreme People's Court, issued on July 4, 2022)
  • 指导案例185号:闫佳琳诉浙江喜来登度假村有限公司平等就业权纠纷案(最高人民法院审判委员会讨论通过2022年7月4日发布)
  • Guiding Case No. 185
  • 指导案例185号
  • [Keywords]
  • 关键词
  • civil; right to equality in employment; discrimination in employment; regional discrimination
  • 民事/平等就业权/就业歧视/地域歧视
  • [Key Points of Judgment]
  • 裁判要点
  • Where, in employing personnel, an employer disparately treats an employee without any justifiable reason on the basis of such factors having no positive connection with "internal requirements of a job " as region and gender, such treatment constitutes discrimination in employment. If the employee claims the employer to assume the corresponding legal liability on the ground that his or her right to equality in employment is harmed, the people's court shall support such claim.
  • 用人单位在招用人员时,基于地域、性别等与“工作内在要求”无必然联系的因素,对劳动者进行无正当理由的差别对待的,构成就业歧视,劳动者以平等就业权受到侵害,请求用人单位承担相应法律责任的,人民法院应予支持。
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